Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Symantec Support Saga (part 2)

Just a quick update on Symantec's handling of support for Norton Antivirus for Mac:

My second session had to start again through the WinXP machine, but got me an "analyst" online a bit faster than the first time (about 20 minutes waiting). I typed in my case number and the analyst took time to read through it. To my surprise he started asking me if the previous analyst had done this or that. I had to tell him about the previous session's actions!

As no new action for resolving the issue was being taken, I asked the new analysts again if my selecting of a Mac OS case sensitive file system might have anything to do with the problem. To my horror, he suggested that I "change the file system and try running NAV again" !!! I had to explain to him using NTFS as example, what the consequences would be if I followed his advice.

I was told that this being an unknow issue, I should contact them again in 4-5 days. I am really curious to see what escalation procedures they have over there! Stay tuned for the next episode.

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