Wednesday, September 30, 2009

TU Dresden Regional Ambassador

It's official: I am now a Regional Ambassador of the Technical University Dresden (TUD). Many years ago, I earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in information technology from TUD. Throughout my career I found the education provided to me at TUD to be very valid and valuable in a variety of settings and thought that could be of interest to many North Americans unaware of the excellence in education provided by this university. So when the opportunity presented itself to become a regional ambassador of my university, I applied.

The city itself, Dresden, is a well kept secret. It is a vibrant city with several universities and colleges attracting a large population of young people. It has a long cultural heritage with some of the world best museums and galleries as well as a long track record in arts and culture. It's location on the Elbe river and proximity of the beautiful nature of Saxon Switzerland provides many opportunities for outdoors activities, nature exploration and entertainment.

Study in Dresden is a multilingual web site with rich information about the opportunities offered to Canadians by TUD. It can answer most of your questions. For additional information you can always contact me or the TUD directly.

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