Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shame on you, Nissan Canada

I like Nissan cars and have driven many of them over the years, so my name is in the database of Nissan Canada. Every year I get a number of promotional mailings about new cars and around Christmas I usually get also a card. This year we got two such cards, because my wife decided to drive a Nissan Versa.

It is nice to feel appreciated as a years-long customer. The cards used this year, were quite different. When you opened the card, you heard street noise and cars honking. The novelty of the card was interesting at first and everybody got startled opening the card and then laughed about it. But by the time I was gathering the Christmas cards for disposal, it hit me that those cards could not be just thrown in the garbage.

I performed some surgery on the cards to see what's really inside. To my dismay I discovered a small printed-circuit board (PCB), with a small speaker and 3 power cells model LR 1130, all embedded inside the card.

Just imagine the thousands of PCBs and batteries that will end up dumped in the environment because of Nissan Canada's ill-advised promotion choices. I have taken the electronics and batteries out for separate disposal, but what about all the others? I am starting to appreciate the German legislation making vendors responsible for the recycling of their packaging materials. I wish we had something like that in Canada.

Nissan Canada: Shouldn't you be more thoughtful about your promotion choices?

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